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We are a full service Economic Accounting group.

Investment Analysis

Economic benefits and impacts

Benefit-Cost Analysis

Economic Impact Analysis

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Buy-local preferences

Support for grant applications

Peer reviews

Market Analysis

Industry market situation analysis

Local market situation

Local industry contribution

Industry market analysis

Independent peer reviews

Portfolio analysis approach

Program Analysis

Program impacts and processes

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Net Impact Analysis

Peer reviews

Process analysis

Creation of composite indicators

Advisory Services

Decision support for economic agencies

Industry and project briefs

Economic planning briefs

Peer reviews of studies and analyses

Includes online subscription

Affordable pricing for small regions

Portfolio analysis approach

Our economic accounting portal

Our online portal supports the workflow of situation analysis, industry contribution analysis, multi-criteria planning, and economic impact analysis.

DCG Accounting Portal

Why choose us to keep your economic books?

We count change, helping you manage and adapt.

Not just studies

Studies are great for investigating specific issues; systems are great for managing portfolios, setting goals, and tracking performance.

Not just jobs

Reducing performance into a simple metric, like jobs, doesn't work. A healthy economy requires accounting for multiple criteria.

Not just recruiting

Everyone needs both capabilities and opportunities to fully contribute to the economy. Balance investment in both for a healthy economy.

Easy and quick

We deliver information fast. Our products are designed for users, not economists. No training required.

Workbooks and briefs

We have familiar accounting products to meet your needs. We deliver advisory accounting statements, workbooks, and briefs, usually within a week.

Key accounts

Our double-entry bookkeeping system provides a journal of key industry-to-industry transactions. Develop these key relationships to change your economy.

Buying local

Do local agencies, businesses, and households prefer to buy locally? We account for this and other local purchasing methods, so you can see the impact.

National comparisons

We keep books on all locations nationwide. Do some research on different locations, select some peers, contrast and compare.