Investment analysis services

We perform Multi-Criteria Planning Analysis, Benefit-Cost Analysis, and Economic Impact Analysis to support investment decision-making. Multi-Criteria Planning Analyis scores industry development scenarios according to weighted criteria. Benefit-Cost Analysis measures the benefits of the effect of an investment on economic productivity, and Economic Impact Analysis measures the result of the change in productivity on economic indicators, such as income, employment, and Gross Local Product. The two types of analyses are complements to, not substitutes for, each other. Please read our paper, Using Benefit-Cost Analysis to Evaluate Tax Abatement Decisions, to learn more about these types of analyses.

Contact David Vogt if you are interested in receiving a proposal from us. We work with you to define the scope and pricing per project.

Benefit-Cost Analysis

We perform Benefit-Cost Analysis to analyze investment decisions and support the preparation of funding proposals and grant applications. We deliver detailed spreadsheets that support sensitivity analysis to different assumptions and investment scenarios and technical memorandums that discuss data sources, assumptions and methods, and results.

Economic Impact Analysis

We design and perform regional Economic Impact Analyses to support policy, planning, and investment decisions. We often team with subject matter experts to combine our accounting expertise with specific industry expertise. Our accounting methods allow for local purchasing methods based on buy-local, current trade, or industry location pattern preferences. Our library contains papers that explain in more detail our regional economic accounting methods.

Multi-Criteria Planning Analysis

We project the impacts of different industry development scenarios on economic criteria that is important to your region. The analysis includes creating weighted scores for each scenario using a multi-criteria decision analysis accounting model. This analysis allows agencies to combine these economic criteria with other social and environmental planning criteria in a sustainable planning framework for land development and regional growth.

Peer Reviews

We provide professional, independent reviews of Benefit-Cost Analysis and Economic Impact Analysis studies. Our reviews cover issue definition, data sources and validation, selection and implementation of analytic methods, quality control procedures, and reporting formats and content.