Market analysis services

We offer Market Analysis services on a project basis to support planning and investment decision-making. These services include situation analysis for the local economy, industry contribution analysis to understand the life cycle contribution of an industry to the local economy back through the supply chain and forward through the spending of income, industry market studies to understand industry opportunities and threats, and independent peer reviews of agency or consultant prepared studies.

Contact David Vogt if you are interested in receiving a proposal from us. We work with you to define the scope and pricing per project.

Local Market Situation

We perform an analysis of the local market situation that covers a portfolio of the largest industries in your area. Included in the analysis are industry outlooks for output, employment, and productivity, trends and relative changes to local economic productivity, unrealized opportunities to increaase supply chain multipliers, and occupational labor situation. We also analyze the household economic security situation, and other performance criteria that are important to the local planning process.

Local Industry Contribution

We design and perform regional industry contribution studies to support policy, planning, and investment and divestment decisions. We often team with subject matter experts to combine our accounting expertise with specific industry expertise. Industry contribution studies differ from impact studies in both purpose and methods. Industry contribution accounts for total level of current economic activity associated with local industry production, supply chain, and income, while impact analysis is typically concerned with new industry development in a local area.

Industry Market Studies

We design and perform market studies to support asset investment, business development, and product portfolio planning decisions. We address economic productivity challenges and opportunities facing the industry. We specialize in energy, transportation, and agriculture markets.

Peer reviews

We provide professional reviews of regional market studies, industry contribution analyses, and industry market studies. Our reviews cover issue definition, data sources and validation, selection and implementation of analytic methods, quality control procedures, and reporting formats and content.