Program analysis services

We offer Program Analysis services on a project basis to measure the net impact and cost-effectiveness of programs. If desired, we can include process analysis and evaluation to support performance improvement initiatives. We also support program managers through the development of new composite indicators that are closely tied to program goals.

Please contact David Vogt if you are interested in receiving a proposal from us. We work with you to define the scope and pricing per project.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

We analyze the cost-effectiveness of agency programs using data, statistical, and econometric analyses. In cost-effectiveness analysis, we analyze and isolate individual program effects on performance indicators and state these effects per dollar of expenditure. Agencies use this information to make resource allocation decisions across programs to achieve their program goals at lower cost.

Net Impact Analysis

We perform Net Impact Analysis to support reporting of program impacts to stakeholders. To perform this analysis, we measure the impact compared to the situation in which the program did not exist. If desired, we can perform process improvement analysis as well to take advantage of synergies in data collection. Agencies use this process information to improve the net impact of the program going forward.

Composite Indicators

We perform data analysis studies to create composite indicators. A composite indicator is a single measure for explaining a significant cause-and-effect relationship. For example, a transportation access indicator is a composite measure for explaining a cause-and-effect relationship between a transportation program that has goals of improving health outcomes, household economic security, and industry productivity.

Peer Reviews

We provide professional, independent reviews of cost-effective and net impact analyses. Our reviews cover issue definition, data sources and validation, selection and implementation of analytic methods, quality control procedures, and reporting formats and content.